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To anyone reading..

I bet you know what it feels like to love someone more than anything you’ve ever loved right? Waking up everyday and racing to pick up your mobile to see if they have messaged you. The feeling you first got when you realised you’ve fallen in love for the first time. Remember how amazing that was? But when things got bad they got really bad, it only took one event to change your way of thinking, to boost insecurity and paranoia. Remember the sleepless nights wondering what they may be doing , who they may be with? Remember being told by them that you’re crazy? But then finding out you were right all along?

Yeah that feeling sucks, but you still carrying on loving them, even if you had split up, they will always be that one person who left the first mark on you.

But don’t give up on yourself, you’re a beautiful and amazing person and you deserve the world. If ever you need someone to talk too message me, as we can help each other.

Thank you.

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